NCET Bix Cafe | Tips to Excel with Excel

Attend this event for invaluable insights on mastering Microsoft Excel

Tips to Excel with Excel

Date: April 17, 2024  
Speaker:3 – 4 p.m.  
Networking: 2 – 3 p.m.  
Location: UNR Innevation Center  

Join our partner for an enlightening session with Diana A. Keefe, Founder of My Reno Computer Tutor, as she shares invaluable insights on mastering Microsoft Excel. Whether you're a seasoned Excel user or just starting out, this event promises to enhance your skills and efficiency.

About the Event:

Do you find yourself struggling with Excel or simply wish to optimize your productivity? Diana brings over two decades of experience in demystifying Excel's complexities. Through real-world examples and practical demonstrations, she will unveil five indispensable tips and tricks to streamline your Excel workflow.

Key Topics Include:

1. Utilizing the Office Clipboard: Learn how to effortlessly collect and manage multiple data pieces with ease.
2. Quick Keyboard Shortcuts: Master essential shortcuts for cutting, copying, pasting, and navigating between windows, saving you valuable time.

3. Applying Consistent Formatting: Discover the power of the format painter tool to maintain uniformity across your spreadsheets.

4. Essential Excel Terminology and Tools: Gain a deeper understanding of fundamental Excel features such as the Quick Access Toolbar, sheet tabs, and cell addresses.

5. Building Simple Formulas and Functions: Unlock the potential of Excel's formula and function capabilities, including basic addition and powerful functions like COUNTIF for data summarization.


Secure your free tickets now to embark on a journey towards Excel mastery. Whether you're in accounting, real estate, manufacturing, or any industry, these insights are sure to elevate your Excel proficiency.

Don't miss this opportunity to work smarter, not harder, with Excel. Reserve your spot today and empower yourself with invaluable skills for success!

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