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We are committed to helping you succeed, not with a list of prescribed to-dos, but by getting to know your business intimately and sharing our deep understanding of modern manufacturing processes, business strategies and workforce management. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to determine a path to success and implement strategies that grow your business.

01 Step One

Connect with a Manufacturing Business Advisor

The first step is connecting with one of our advisors. Through a call or site visit, they will do a deep dive on your business, seeking to understand your processes, people, and problems to better lay a foundation for strategy.

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02 Step Two

Scope of Work & Evaluation

Once we’ve established a list of possible projects, we will help you establish a plan of attack for your biggest problems and determine the desired result of our project together.

A Manufacturing Business Advisor discusses the scope of an upcoming project with the business owner.

03 Step Three

Implement for Success

Once planning is finished, we will help you implement solutions to reach the desired outcome. Through regular contact with project managers and our expert team of advisors we will track milestones and set you up for long-term success.

A Manufacturing Business Advisor helps train an employee on standards to improve safety on the factory floor.

04 Step Four

Project Evaluation & Continuous Improvement

The first thing we do at the end of a project is determine how successful our efforts have been. From there we can determine if it would be beneficial to start a new project, or employ additional resources to reach your desired outcomes.

We work to create an environment of continuous improvement so that the benefits of our partnership don’t disappear after our involvement has ended. Your continued success is the defining factor of a successful project with Manufacture Nevada.

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Vegas Metal Finishing

Upon opening their new facility, Vegas Metal Finishing realized that they would require assistance to promote their anodizing services especially to other manufactures in the state. Promoting this new business opportunity was complicated by the pandemic. With that in mind, the owner reached out to her trusted partner at Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network™, for assistance.

Worker machining a part
Bureau Veritas Minerals

Manufacture Nevada worked with Bureau Veritas Minerals (BVM) to determine the appropriate approach and resources for 5S implementation. A GAP analysis was performed to determine the scope of the project, after which, Manufacture Nevada presented multiple resources that could assist BVM. Bureau Veritas Minerals chose Creating Effective Organizations, Inc. (CEO) to be part of their team. CEO facilitated 5S workshops for all employees, participated in weekly GEMBA walks and led impact and opportunity review sessions. Cross functional teams received classroom training followed by practical application of each 5S principle. This approach allowed Bureau Veritas Minerals to interact with a hands-on mentor to guide them through the culture change and successful implementation of a 5S system with the ultimate goal of reducing turn-around time and improving process efficiency while maintaining quality.

an empty factory floor
FDC Graphic Films, Inc.

Manufacture Nevada proposed 3 different options to deliver 5S tools to FDC. Consultants proposed a customized workshop with a session for each S. Ultimately the team decided that an in-house 5S workshop and implementation for the entire FDC organization would be the best way to start this program. Providing a custom 5S program designed around the Reno operation provided an optimized approach for the facility. Manufacture Nevada designed a very flexible project to allow the least disruption to the operations while providing 5S tools to the entire organization. Fibelstad wanted to ensure that the duration of each workshop would allow safe shutdown of the operation without the risk for service failures. Leadership at FDC headquarters in Indiana was very impressed with the program planned for the Reno operation.

sparks flying from a machine cutting metal
Jensen Metaltech

Rapid growth at the company led to the creation of a workforce that was experiencing high turnover. There was also a significant increase in rework, related to a combination of the turnover and weak control on manufacturing drawings. Additionally, 15% of the workforce had English as a second language. With supervisors receiving only limited basic supervision training from the Nevada Association of Employers and the rest of the workforce receiving no soft skills training at all, action had to be taken to improve retention and reduce rework costs. Jensen decided that by combining the teamwork elements of implementing a company wide 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain) initiative along with integrating supervisory and coaching skills, improvements could be made in both rework reduction and workforce improvements.

an empty textile factory floor
North Sails Minden

Manufacture Nevada local project managers conducted onsite facility assessments, reviewed manufacturing steps and concerns, and worked with North’s Operations Manager, Plant Manager and Human Resources Manager. Together they designed Lean workshops to incorporate North’s existing process and flow and encourage employee participation and idea generation for improvements. They conducted an onsite Lean workshop as an employee introduction and stimulus to lean improvement methodologies, to be followed by a more detailed session with North hosting a week long Lean Leader workshop involving key lead personnel and to delve deeper into more lean concepts and principles. They finished with an onsite workplace Kaizen improvement event and implementation in their production facility involving the manufacturing leads along with production line personnel.