Strategies to Grow & Strengthen your Business

Do these challenges sound familiar?

Your company would benefit from a cohesive strategy.

You want to develop a stronger pricing strategy.

You need a long-term plan to secure the company’s future.

You want to improve your competitive advantage.

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Strategic Planning

Build a Foundation for Growth

Running a business doesn’t always leave time for strategizing. That’s where we come in. Our team will review your business, listen to your goals and challenges, and build a plan that takes your business to the next level.

“Working with Manufacture Nevada opened our eyes to sources of technical, energy savings and available financial assistance that allowed us to move forward with important investments for our future.”

Dean Meiling
Executive Vice President & CFO, Chemeon Surface Technology
Manufacturing Operations

Improve the Processes That Impact Your Bottom Line

For years we have helped manufacturers reduce operational costs and increase profitability through process improvements. Let’s partner up to train your staff on modern practices that increase efficiency and reduce wasted time and resources.

VSR Industries worked with Manufacture Nevada to transform their manufacturing process, increase productivity 33%, and avoid $200,000 in costs.

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Marketing & Sales

Expand to New Markets & Strengthen Current Relationships

Finding new markets can be daunting for any team. We provide support to manufacturers looking to expand by connecting them to resources on the national and international level. Our team is also well-equipped to find opportunities to grow with your existing relationships and audience.

“Manufacture Nevada and ExporTech™ helped us grow our sales into Canada. In addition, they introduced us to the GOED Trade Mission team, and we attended the trade mission to Australia last year, which proved to be an immediate generation of new business.”

Leo Schafer
President, PR Diamond Products Inc.

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Cultiva’s CEO Luis Hernandez requested assistance in locating an experienced financial & manufacturing consultant who could set up a new accounting system for the firm. Luis also required new financial reporting and sales forecasting tools. Manufacture Nevada was able to quickly locate a consultant who fit the bill-- Dan Yount. Dan possessed many years of experience in business finance management and operational leadership. In addition, Dan had also designed financial accounting and budget management systems for several other manufacturing firms.

Manufacturing plant
AIMS Power

AIMS turned to Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network™, to help AIMS offset development costs with federal tax credits. In the first 2 years of working with Manufacture Nevada, AIMS was able to find over $200,000 in tax credits, resulting in $200,000 increased cash flow the company can reinvest into new products.

a food manufacturing conveyor belt with product on it
Life Enhancement

Manufacture Nevada’s Project Manager, who has worked in the Industrial Food Manufacturing, Supplemental and Nutraceutical arenas for over 35 years, was able to reach into his extensive network of contacts and locate a highly reputable and well-experienced resource in the food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries to fulfill the needs of Life Enhancement and at the price and budget that would not make a negative impact on their finances. The resource spent a full day on site providing advanced training, reviews, updates, methodology and recommendations in GMP’s, FDA Regulation Compliance, Process Validations, Stability Studies, Discrepancy Management and CAPA(Corrective Action-Preventative Action), SOP’s, Environmental Monitoring, Raw Material Quality, FDA Warning Letters, Machine Identification, and upcoming FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act).

Manufacturing process
Public Restroom Company

At the Public Restroom Company, they never stop thinking about better ways to design, build, and deliver their product. With significant growth realized and an even larger demand on the horizon, they knew they needed to apply their improvement mindset to all aspects of their business—including operational efficiencies and employee development—to successfully take their business to new levels. With a commitment to building better places to go, PRC requested the services of Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network™, to turn their vision into reality.

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Shelby American

Manufacture Nevada provided a full team effort utilizing our energy experts and a local electrical contractor. With Manufacture Nevada acting as Project Manager we developed a solution that was nothing short of incredible. After initial discussions between Shelby and the facility owner, it was agreed that they would partner on the project, and each would pay for half the upgrade and refit costs at the facility. Acting as Project Manager, Manufacture Nevada contracted with our energy specialist to conduct a thorough energy audit and delivery system evaluation as soon as possible. Upon the determination that the Shelby Facility was in major need of a LED lighting upgrade and a major rework of the lighting control system for the entire facility, the client solicited bids from qualified local electrical contractors to perform the upgrades.