Strategies to Train, Upskill, & Engage Your Workforce

Do these challenges sound familiar?

You want to provide fulfilling careers to your team.

It takes too long to train people.

You need capable people ready to make decisions while you are away.

You want your managers to be successful leaders.

An experienced manager is cross-training an employee on an unfamiliar machine.
 A manager shaking an employee’s hand after a successful performance review
Employee Training

Help Employees Grow Their Skills

Your team is the key to the success of your business. Watch your best workers become your best supervisors, and your whole team drive more efficiency on the shop floor through our training programs and network of training resources.

“Nevada Industry Excellence has consistently responded to our manufacturing, process improvement and employee development requests. Manufacture Nevada’s portfolio of services and experienced resources have been a fit to our needs in supporting and improving, both our current and future growth demands.”

Portrait of Katie Sherin
Katie Sherin
COO, Public Restroom Company
A Manufacturing Business Advisor helps train an employee on standards to improve safety on the factory floor.
Employee Retention

Keep & Train Your Best Employees

Turnover can be one of the most costly threats to a manufacturing business. We develop tailored strategies that improve employee job satisfaction and upskill your best workers, so they stick around for the long haul.

“Manufacture Nevada is an amazing resource. Pure Gold.”

Robbin Turner
Robbin Turner
President, Sable Systems International
Workforce Utilization

Help Your Employees Reach Their Full Potential

Poor time utilization can cause low morale and lead to poor team performance. Let’s work together to develop strategies to ensure your workers reach their full potential – improving your workforce’s efficiency and job satisfaction.

“Manufacture Nevada’s training and expertise in lean manufacturing provided the right tools at the right time to help grow our new product line and fit it into our existing facility. Our new Bio Cart is now a standardized product that is ready to dominate the market!”

Portrait of Aaron Kozar
Aaron Kozar
VP & General Manager, Orbus Exhibit and Display
A Manufacturing Business Advisor helps train an employee on standards to improve safety on the factory floor.
Company Culture

Define & Create the Culture You Want in Your Workplace

Create a business people want to work for. Together, we can determine what it means to be a part of your company and equip your managers with the tools they need to align your whole workforce with the new vision.

"It used to be maybe an idea would get tossed out and people would say we have done it this way for 15 or 20 years, why should we change? Now our workers have set up lean manufacturing cellularized lines and let the employees design the lines and take ownership of it because it is theirs.”

Bill Martin
Bill Martin
Quality Assurance Manager, MicroMetl

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an empty factory floor
Sable Systems International

Sable Systems International is a four-time attendee of Manufacture Nevada’s ExporTech program and uses the process to develop a new market every year. Export experts train new employees in the complexities of paperwork, their experienced export coach provides support and the paid UNLV intern’s market research is up-to-the-minute accurate.

sparks flying from a machine cutting metal
American AVK Company

Manufacture Nevada brought in a leadership development coach to implement a six-month program for the AVK Production Supervisor team. The coach held individual and small group coaching conversations on the shop floor during production operations, allowing supervisors to remain “on the job.” Manufacture Nevada engaged upper management in the development of the participants and used real-time company situations as training opportunities. Participants met with the coach in bimonthly sessions to learn and implement key leadership principles.

two manufacturers talk near a machine
WMS Gaming

The FOCUS classes, hosted by Manufacture Nevada, gave WMS the ability to put the knowledge they gained into action to create an energy project for its facilities. The proposed solution was the installation of an energy management system (EMS). This would precisely control the lighting use and reduce the waste inherent in their current lighting practices. The EMS will make use of occupancy sensors, photo sensors, and computer-controlled lighting management to help the company realize substantial energy and cost savings.

two manufacturers talk near a machine
GE Engine Services

Manufacture Nevada’s industrial experience and strong partnerships with state and local entities proved invaluable in solving GE’s concerns. Manufacture Nevada worked with local authorities and the Plant Manager, Anup Kolatkar, to work through difficult applications for the incentives for their expansion Manufacture Nevada was successful in providing and sourcing training funds from Train Employees Now through the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

Worker machining a part
K2 Energy Solutions

Manufacture Nevada visited with K2 Energy Solutions Inc. to discuss their needs. After an assessment of their manufacturing operations, it was determined that lean manufacturing principles would help some of their manufacturing issues. Manufacture Nevada provided K2 Energy Solutions Inc. with lean manufacturing training for manufacturing personnel.