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6 Recruitment Best Practices in Manufacturing to Build a Strong and Competitive Team

by Manufacture Nevada

In today's rapidly changing manufacturing landscape, businesses find it increasingly challenging to locate and retain highly skilled workers. Consequently, companies need to approach the recruitment and retention of employees thoughtfully, aligning with the fast-paced nature of the industry.

The talent shortage and skills gap have sparked significant concerns for manufacturing companies, as revealed by a recent NAM Outlook Survey, where 80% of respondents identified it as a top business challenge. These challenges stem from a combination of factors contributing to the issue's complexity. First and foremost, an aging workforce is a key element as seasoned employees retire, creating a skill gap. Additionally, the ever-evolving skill requirements driven by cutting-edge technology pose a constant challenge for manufacturers, necessitating swift adaptation to stay competitive. Moreover, there's a significant hurdle in the limited awareness of career opportunities within the manufacturing sector. Many potential talents may not be fully informed about this industry's diverse and rewarding paths, contributing to a narrower pool of candidates and worsening the talent shortage. Another factor is the reliance on outdated talent management practices. In a rapidly changing technological and industrial landscape, traditional approaches may not be sufficient to find, develop, and retain the right people. Updating methods to align with modern recruitment practices is crucial for a company's success.

In the upcoming sections of this blog post, we will thoroughly examine proactive approaches for manufacturers to tackle these common challenges. Furthermore, we'll highlight the significant support our business advisors at Manufacture Nevada can offer in navigating these complexities.

1. Assessing and Planning for Workforce Optimization

Assessing and planning for workforce optimization is crucial in addressing the challenges of today's workforce dynamics. To effectively tackle the issues posed by the ever-changing nature of the workforce, it's important to take an organized approach to talent management. In this context, Manufacture Nevada offers manufacturers a comprehensive process designed to enhance organizational performance.

The process our advisors provide begins with a careful examination of the manufacturers' goals, challenges, and current gaps. This strategic evaluation serves as a foundational step, empowering companies to gain a detailed understanding of their unique needs and circumstances. By pinpointing specific areas requiring attention, organizations can strategically direct their resources to foster improvement in talent management and overall organizational efficiency.

In essence, this approach ensures that manufacturers identify key areas for enhancement and tailor their strategies based on a thorough understanding of their workforce dynamics. This tailored and strategic perspective is vital in developing targeted workforce solutions that align with each manufacturing entity's specific needs and goals, ultimately contributing to sustained organizational success in the dynamic landscape of today's workforce.

2. Attracting and Recruiting Talent in Manufacturing

Securing the right candidates for open positions is a critical factor in ensuring the enduring success of manufacturing enterprises. Our dedicated business advisors provide comprehensive support by assisting companies in a multifaceted approach:

  • Crafting a Strategic Hiring Plan: Our advisors collaborate with businesses to formulate a strategic hiring plan that not only attracts suitable candidates but also aligns with the company's unique needs.
  • Tailoring Job Postings: We work closely with companies to tailor job postings, ensuring they resonate with the specific qualities and skills required in candidates.
  • Diverse Recruitment Initiatives: Our team executes recruitment initiatives beyond the conventional scope, reaching out to a diverse range of potential hires. This includes underrepresented groups such as women, minorities, veterans, and displaced workers, fostering inclusivity in hiring.
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities and Customized Training Programs: Recognizing the importance of skill development, we identify apprenticeship opportunities and collaborate on designing customized training programs. These initiatives are conducted in partnership with local, state, and national organizations to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach.
  • Leveraging Strategic Partnerships: Our advisors leverage existing relationships with staffing agencies and other strategic partners. This collaborative effort aims to cultivate a rich pool of potential hires, providing companies with a diverse and qualified talent pool.
  • Guidance on Recruitment Best Practices: Offering guidance on recruitment best practices is a key aspect of our support. We share insights and strategies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process.
  • Increasing Awareness through Events: We actively participate in Manufacturing and local events to increase awareness of manufacturing career opportunities. By engaging with the community, we contribute to a broader understanding of the industry and its potential for career growth. 

Manufacture Nevada takes a unique approach by forming strong partnerships with colleges and high schools within the state. This active involvement with the upcoming generation of manufacturers helps us connect with many candidates actively looking for opportunities in the manufacturing sector. Our goal is not just to fill open positions but also to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the manufacturing industry by matching qualified candidates with the right opportunities.

3. Training and Nurturing New Talent in Manufacturing

Investing in training and skill development is crucial for both production workers and leadership. Manufacture Nevada, working together with local educational and economic development partners, provides training programs covering various important areas:

  • Effective Communication: We focus on improving communication skills within teams and throughout the organization.
  • Teamwork and Problem-Solving: Our training emphasizes the development of teamwork and problem-solving skills to boost overall productivity.
  • Technical Competencies: We offer training in technical skills like reading blueprints and mastering geometric dimensioning and tolerancing to ensure workers are well-prepared for their roles.
  • Lean and Process Improvement: Our programs teach Lean and Process Improvement methods to encourage a culture of continuous improvement and high performance.
  • Leadership Skills: For those in leadership roles, our training covers essential leadership skills such as effective communication, motivation, delegation, and conflict management.

Additionally, many MEP Centers provide Training within Industry (TWI), a method designed to quickly and consistently train newcomers to the manufacturing field. This approach significantly shortens the time needed to turn new hires into productive contributors by giving them the specific skills and knowledge required for success in manufacturing.

Through these collaborative training efforts, Manufacture Nevada aims to boost the capabilities of individual workers and contribute to the overall efficiency and competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. This investment in skills and knowledge is a strategic move toward building a skilled and adaptable workforce for success in the dynamic world of modern manufacturing.

4. Engaging and Retaining Your Workforce

Creating a workplace environment that actively engages and retains your existing workforce is crucial for optimizing productivity and reducing turnover. At Manufacture Nevada, our advisors are well-equipped to offer comprehensive support in various key areas to foster a thriving and satisfied workforce.

  • Employee Surveys: We help you run surveys to determine how satisfied and committed your staff is. These surveys give you useful info on what can be improved, and we help you develop plans to boost overall satisfaction.
  • Compensation and Recognition: Our advisors team up with you to create fair and effective compensation and recognition systems. Ensuring your employees feel valued and fairly paid is key to keeping great people and everyone motivated.
  • Career Paths: We work together to plan clear and achievable career paths for your employees. Creating growth opportunities motivates your staff and makes them more committed for the long haul.
  • Teamwork Culture: Our team guides you in building a culture where everyone works together. Encouraging teamwork and open communication can make a big difference in creating a positive and supportive work atmosphere.
  • Learning Environment: We help your organization become a place focused on learning. Continuous learning boosts employee skills, adaptability, and job satisfaction.

By covering all these areas, we're not just helping you keep your workforce engaged and happy but also building a workplace where everyone feels valued, motivated, and invested in the organization's long-term success. Our personalized strategies play a big part in creating a positive and supportive work culture, benefiting both your employees and the overall performance of your company.

5. Becoming the Employer of Choice in Manufacturing

For manufacturers aiming to draw in and keep top-notch talent, focusing on all aspects of talent management is crucial. This includes everything from initial assessment and planning to ongoing efforts in engagement and retention. By putting in this collective effort, manufacturers have the opportunity to build a reputation as the go-to employer, making them more enticing to potential employees. Our advisors are deeply involved in working alongside manufacturers, collaboratively crafting and implementing effective strategies. These strategies are specifically designed to boost the appeal of these manufacturers to the workforce, establishing a positive image and making them stand out in the eyes of prospective employees. Through this collaborative approach, manufacturers optimize their talent management practices and position themselves as employers of choice, a key factor in the competitive landscape for attracting and retaining skilled professionals.

6. The Job Quality Toolkit

A pivotal element in establishing oneself as the employer of choice lies in providing high-quality jobs. Job quality goes beyond just competitive compensation and benefits; it also encompasses factors like workplace safety, soliciting employee input, offering predictable scheduling, providing opportunities for skills development, and promoting pathways for career advancement. Rooted in the Baldrige Excellence Framework, the Job Quality Toolkit stands out as a practical and valuable resource that organizations can actively leverage. This toolkit serves as a guide for elevating job quality, ultimately leading to improved worker satisfaction and heightened levels of engagement within the workforce. By embracing the principles outlined in this toolkit, organizations have the means to not only attract top talent but also foster a work environment that promotes long-term employee satisfaction and commitment.

Working with our Team

In the competitive world of manufacturing, having a skilled workforce is crucial for success. Manufacturers can boost their talent management strategies by working with us and using our workforce services. This means not only filling open positions with the right candidates but also building a positive workplace culture that attracts and keeps top talent. When manufacturers team up with us, they get access to a variety of services and resources specifically designed to tackle the unique challenges of talent management in manufacturing. Our team provides customized solutions that not only address immediate hiring needs but also contribute to the long-term growth and satisfaction of the workforce.

By actively using our workforce services, manufacturers position themselves as preferred employers in their regions. This not only improves their reputation in the local community but also acts as a magnet for skilled professionals looking for opportunities in manufacturing. By working with our team and utilizing our resources, manufacturers do more than simply fill job openings; they invest in creating an environment that attracts, supports, and retains top talent. This becomes a key element for success in the always-evolving and competitive manufacturing landscape. We provide manufacturers with strategies to strengthen and grow their business, emphasizing that the strategic approach to talent management goes beyond addressing immediate staffing needs and plays a crucial role in the long-term success and prosperity of manufacturing businesses.

Connect with Manufacture Nevada, let's discover a path of growth for your business together. 

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