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About: The Nevada Women's Fund

by Nevada Women's Fund

Empowering Women and Building Stronger Communities: The Nevada Women's Fund

Investing in Education, Creating Opportunities

Established in 1983, the Nevada Women's Fund (NWF) emerged from the passionate drive of concerned women determined to enhance the financial stability of women and families across northern Nevada. With a mission focused on empowerment through education, the NWF has been uplifting individuals and strengthening communities for over four decades. By awarding a staggering $5.3 million in academic scholarships to more than 1,700 women from northern Nevada and providing over $4.1 million in grants to community organizations supporting women and children, the NWF has truly made an indelible impact.

Awarding Scholarships, Transforming Lives

In the year 2023 alone, the Nevada Women's Fund granted$420,000 to 114 remarkable women. What sets the NWF apart is their unique approach to scholarship distribution—instead of writing checks to educational institutions, the funds are awarded directly to the recipients themselves. This distinction recognizes the diverse challenges women face while pursuing higher education. While financial aid, grants, and traditional scholarships often cover tuition expenses, many women struggle to meet their basic needs, such as food, rent, transportation, and childcare, while juggling their academic pursuits. By granting scholarships directly to each woman, the NWF empowers them to allocate the funds in a way that best supports themselves and their families, maximizing the impact of even the minimum scholarship amount of $2,000.

Corporate Partnerships: A Pathway to Success

In a groundbreaking move, the Nevada Women's Fund recently introduced the Corporate Scholarship Program—a visionary initiative that not only increases the number of scholarships available but also aligns with the workforce development needs and corporate giving goals of partnering companies. This program embodies a true partnership, with the NWF collaborating closely with business and corporate entities. Scholarships funded through these partnerships extend beyond financial support, often including invaluable resources such as mentorship, internships, and career opportunities.

Leading the Way: Notable Corporate Partners

The NWF's Corporate Scholarship Program boasts an impressive array of corporate partners committed to empowering women and investing in their futures. Among the notable partners are industry giants such as Tesla, AT&T Nevada, Renown Health, Brookfield School, Persing Professional Group,PK Electrical, Dolan Automotive, Silver Summit Health Plan, and Dermody Properties, to name just a few. Examples or workforce development efforts incoordination with scholarships: Tesla’s scholarship fund is dedicated to aspiring female engineers among incoming college freshmen. The Women in Tesla Engineering group goes the extra mile by providing ongoing support throughout the college journey, including mentorship and internship opportunities. Similarly, Persing Professional Group directs its scholarship funding to students pursuing accounting degrees, while also offering a paid internship to their scholarship recipient during her studies at UNR. These partnerships not only fund industry- or skill-specific scholarships but also create a platform for corporate partners to nurture and shape their own workforce.

Opportunities Await: Apply for Scholarships

For those seeking to turn their dreams into reality, mark your calendars! The Nevada Women's Fund will begin accepting scholarship applications for the 2024 school year starting October 15, 2023. Eligible applicants must be residents of northern Nevada, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0,and attend a post-secondary university, college, or trade school in Northern Nevada or an accredited online program.

Discover More: Nevada Women's Fund Corporate Scholarship Programs

To explore the myriad opportunities presented by the Nevada Women's Fund Corporate Scholarship programs, visit our website at For further inquiries or to connect with our dedicated team, feel free to contact our office at 775-786-6023.

In a world where empowered women build thriving communities, the Nevada Women's Fund continues to be at the forefront, catalyzing change one scholarship at a time. Join us in the journey of empowerment, education, and lasting impact.

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