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Essential Aspects of Recruitment Messaging for Employers

by Manufacture Nevada

Simplifying Workforce Recruitment Messaging

Workforce recruitment marketing remains exceptionally challenging for manufacturers and industrials, and it's tough for almost everyone. Prospective workers have many choices on their place of employment an can quickly research to see if a job description and company is of interest to them.

The good news is that your workforce recruitment messaging can be straightforward. Simply explain why they should want to come work with you at your facility and why they will want to stay. Some challenging aspects of this is:

  • You haven't done a good job on your website career page of explaining what you do, how you make a difference in the world, and what you have to offer to new employees. If people feel disappointed when they click through a link on social or a job posting, you have work to do on your website.
  • Your workplace culture has significant gaps, and you're not an employer of choice. If this is the case, it's time for some tough conversations with leadership about how to acquire and retain the workforce of the future. (If this is the case, your leadership is likely aware of these issues based on current retention issues and difficultly in filling openings.)

Recruitment Strategies: Communicate Honesty and Transparently

While entire books can be written about workplace strategies, here are some key reminders about how to align your recruitment strategies with your messaging. Be honest and transparent in al of your communications with prospects and new hires, as they have many options.

Know Your Audience

There is no single solution in recruitment, so when considering various tactics, the answer is often to use multiple approaches. Don't be afraid to try "talent matching" technology and gamification, and looking in new places. For example, the state of Ohio has linked several companies in the plastics and polymers industries to people leaving prison through the Training Assessment Placement Project. Also, reconsidering outdated hiring practices like credit checks to help guard against theft may scare away potential candidates who are dealing with credit issues.

Build a Culture that Begins with Onboarding

Have you ever had a new employee leave during their first lunch break and then never return? Many companies have experienced this in recent years. Ensuring you have a comprehensive plan for their first day, first week, and first 90 days helps reduce the risk of short timers leaving. It may not be what's wrong with these extremely short timers that is driving them away, it might be what they're running from.

Key Questions to Craft Workforce Recruitment Messaging

What is Your Purpose? Why Come Work for You?

The younger people want to make a difference in the world, and they want to be apart of something bigger. Your workforce recruitment messaging should align with that, and it should be on your website. Your small or medium-sized manufacturing business is part of the local economy and some industrial sector, so tell your story with confidence. Your business supplies something essential. Examples of this include:

  • If someone is machining parts for medical devices, they are providing a key element to the healthcare industry.
  • If you are in the electric vehicle supply chain, you are helping remake the domestic manufacturing sector and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • If you are making parts for recreational equipment, you are helping bring joy to someone.

Don't be afraid to share inspiring aspects of your business, such as showcasing how your business is making a difference in many peoples' lives. Your small or medium-sized manufacturing business is providing not only a great career and a living wage to people within Nevada, but also helping people raise families and sending their children to college.

What Is Your Workplace Culture? Why Do People Stay?

Workplace culture has a major impact on both employees and employers. For example, if people are your most valuable asset, then you will have a people-focused operation. Another important reason why people stay at their jobs is that they see a career path. Employees understand they will not be doing the same tasks and will have opportunities for advancement in responsibilities and pay. Every manufacturer could show prospects and new hires different paths to a career, and a great way to do this is to use your employees as an example. For instance, letting co-workers tell their stories about their many years of experience and why they come to work everyday, and most importantly, what they like about the company.

Being transparent about employee perks and benefits is another area in which will impact prospective employees. If your set of perks and benefits are not competitive within the local market, letting your leadership know can greatly increase the amount of people who will want to join your team.

Workforce Support and Manufacture Nevada

At Manufacture Nevada, we provide assistance and opportunities to help grow your small or medium-sized manufacturing firm. Whether it's learning more about how your business can succeed in onboarding employees, to simply needing help overcoming difficultly in workplace culture, our Business Advisors can help. We are here to not only answer your questions, but to provide support assisting small and medium-sized manufacturers. For more information about various workforce solutions Manufacture Nevada can help with, click here.

Content from this blog was sourced from Industrial Marketer.

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