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Harnessing the Green Wave: A Manufacturing Perspective on the Rise of Green Jobs

by Manufacture Nevada

Green jobs are reshaping the manufacturing sector by putting a spotlight on sustainability and environmental friendliness. It's not just about creating new job titles like renewable energy engineers or electric vehicle technicians; it's a clear commitment to cleaner and greener practices. Take the rising demand for wind turbine service technicians, growing at an impressive 45% each year – that's a big move toward renewable energy. Manufacturers are getting on board because it's not just about following trends; it's a smart shift driven by cheaper renewable energy, greener construction, and a rising need for electric vehicles. Choosing green jobs isn't just good for the planet; it's a way for the manufacturing sector to build a future-ready workforce and stay ahead in a changing world.

At Manufacture Nevada, we are not just witnesses; we are active participants in this transformative journey. The booming demand for wind turbine service technicians is just one facet of the broader green jobs movement, fueled by declining renewable energy prices, energy-efficient construction, the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), and government-funded incentives. This confluence is set to create a net increase of 18 million jobs, ranging from well-established roles to exciting new opportunities.

 Diverse Opportunities in the Green Jobs Landscape

The spectrum of environmentally friendly careers extends far beyond wind turbine service technicians:

- Renewable energy engineers

- Solar panel installers (expected to grow by 22% over the next 10 years)

- Eco-builders

- Sustainability experts

- Recyclable materials collectors

- Electric vehicle production technicians

- EV charging station maintenance technicians

Aligning with the MEP National Network's Mission

For Manufacture Nevada, embracing the green jobs movement seamlessly aligns with our commitment to nurturing and advancing the manufacturing sector. With a statewide reach and an impactful report showcasing the retention and increase of over 11,000 jobs, we play a vital role in developing not only wind turbine service technicians but also in establishing seamless talent pipelines for various green jobs. This sector has witnessed remarkable growth, exceeding 50% since 2019.

This alignment is not just about numbers; it's about preparing our workforce for the future. The number of green jobs is projected to expand to nearly 24 million, comprising 14% of total U.S. jobs, by 2030. Moreover, up to 51.6 million workers, whose jobs are threatened by automation or artificial intelligence, could find new opportunities in green jobs through reskilling.

An Inclusive Approach to Green Jobs

To fully harness the transformative energy of the green jobs movement, an inclusive approach is essential. Manufacture Nevada advocates for fresh perspectives in the manufacturing and maintenance jobs sector, welcoming everyone from young minds to underserved adults, new immigrants to people with special needs.

Engaging Key Demographics:

1. Youth: Collaborating with initiatives like Offshore Wind Youth Action, we educate young minds about the role of wind energy in battling climate change and the array of job opportunities available.

2. Underserved or Displaced Workers: Manufacturers are already launching training programs for underserved or displaced adults. 

3. People with Special Needs: Recognizing the need for a wider talent pipeline, nonprofits like the Uniquely Abled Project play a crucial role in providing tailored training programs for individuals who have often been sidelined.

Sailing into the Future

As the winds of change grow stronger each day in the realm of green jobs, Manufacture Nevada emphasizes the importance of inclusive, entrepreneurial approaches to workforce development. Connect with our team to learn more about our commitment is to ensure that the rising wind of change fills all sails – for our workers, for our client's companies, and for our communities. Only through such an approach can we navigate the waters and fill the green jobs of the future.

Content from this blog is in part sourced from MEP National website

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