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Meet Our New Manufacturing Business Advisor Larry Wilson

by Manufacture Nevada

Welcome to the Team: Meet Our New Manufacturing Business Advisor

We're thrilled to introduce our newest team member, who comes with a wealth of experience in the food and beverage industry and a deep understanding of supply chain operations. Join us in welcoming Larry Wilson, who is now a valuable part of Manufacture Nevada.

Background and Journey to Manufacture Nevada

Larry Wilson brings a rich background with over 25 years in the food and beverage industry. Hailing from Illinois, his journey led him out west to Nevada while working at Kraft Foods. His natural curiosity about how things are made and a keen interest in manufacturing processes eventually shaped his career path.

Upon graduating from Eastern Illinois University, Larry transitioned organically into the business and manufacturing world. His transition to the manufacturing sector became more apparent when he worked at Kraft, which eventually brought him further out west. In his impressive career, he has held the role of Vice President in a leading organization where he managed and facilitated bringing new products to market, making him a strong addition to our team.

Excitement for the Role

What excites Larry the most about joining Manufacture Nevada is the opportunity to work directly with clients who need assistance. He's had prior experience working on the opposite side and was assisted by Manufacture Nevada in the past. This unique perspective allows him to truly understand the challenges our clients face in the public sector.

This transition to public work is a new experience for him, as he's been predominantly on the private side. It provides him with the opportunity to work closely with our clients and make a positive impact by leveraging his expertise.

Manufacture Nevada and the National MEP Network

Larry appreciates the collaborative spirit among team members at Manufacture Nevada. He has found working with his new colleagues to be a rewarding experience and highlights the supportive environment that encourages sharing best practices. This sense of unity extends to the broader MEP national network, where the public sector comes together to provide valuable support and resources to manufacturers.

Outlook on the Manufacturing Sector in Nevada

Larry acknowledges the significant changes in the manufacturing sector since he started in the business. He believes that automation is on the rise, and those who invest inbuilding new skill sets are more likely to thrive in this evolving landscape. Larry is excited about the higher wages and technical skills that will come out of automation shifts in manufacturing and the benefits that new technologies can bring to the new workforce.

Larry hopes to leverage the growth economy and manufacturing boom that Nevada is experiencing for supporting small and medium-sized manufacturers. As part of the Manufacture Nevada team, Larry hopes to engage his clients with the reach of both the Southern and Northern part of the state’s resources to create a network of collaboration and resource sharing for all areas of business development.

Contact Larry Wilson for your Business Needs

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We are excited to have Larry onboard, and his vast experience and dedication to manufacturing quality will undoubtedly be a great asset to our team and the clients we serve. Larry Wilson is based in our Las Vegas office, please reach out to Larry Wilson for meeting your organization’s needs, resource support, or other collaborative endeavors.


Phone: 909.767.9596

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