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Manufacture Nevada's Enthusiastic Backing for Statewide Animal Food Manufacturing

by Manufacture Nevada

Manufacture Nevada proudly announces its support for animal food manufacturing across the state, catering to the nutritional needs of beloved pets. The initiative is highlighted by business Advisor Steve for leading Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) Animal Feed Training, a crucial step in ensuring the highest standards of pet food safety.

PCQI Animal Feed Training: Elevating Pet Food Safety Standards

The PCQI Animal Feed Training, mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), signifies a pivotal development in Nevada's commitment to pet well-being. The course, developed by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance and recognized by the FDA, equips individuals with the knowledge to implement current good manufacturing practices and formulate effective animal food safety plans. This standardized training ensures compliance with FSMA regulations and fosters the production of safe and high-quality pet nutrition.

A Glimpse into Fetching Foods: Crafting Premium Pet Nutrition

One exemplary participant in this initiative is Fetching Foods, a Las Vegas-based pet food manufacturing facility founded by Troy and Kiesha Allison. Committed to creating "ultra-premium" nutritional meals for cats and dogs, Fetching Foods stands out for its dedication to providing minimally processed, natural, and USDA human-grade pet food.

The company's diverse offerings include a range of proteins, from traditional choices like chicken and beef to more exotic options such as camel and kangaroo. The Allison's source their meats globally, ensuring a robust supply chain that rivals those serving high-end restaurants in Las Vegas.

A Healthy Lifestyle for Fur Babies: Fetching Foods' Mission

Fetching Foods doesn't just offer pet food; it delivers a promise of a healthier lifestyle for pets, or as the Allison's affectionately call them, "fur babies." The company's approach, rooted in the belief that raw, whole foods are essential for pets' well-being, has garnered the trust of nearly 3,000 customers.

Understanding that each pet is unique, Fetching Foods provides personalized meal plans tailored to address specific health concerns. For example, if a cat is experiencing kidney issues, the company can design a meal plan to support its dietary needs.

Manufacture Nevada: Fostering a Healthier Future for Pets

Manufacture Nevada's endorsement of animal food manufacturing, coupled with the commitment of companies like Fetching Foods, signifies a significant step toward a healthier future for pets across the state. By supporting PCQI Animal Feed Training and promoting the production of premium pet nutrition, Manufacture Nevada aims to enhance the well-being of beloved pets and strengthen the bond between owners and their furry companions.

Our Team

As the initiative gains momentum, pet owners in Nevada can look forward to a new era of high-quality, safe, and nutritionally balanced meals for their cherished pets. Manufacturers, like Fetching Foods, exemplify the positive impact of prioritizing the health and happiness of our furry friends through responsible and innovative pet food production. Join our team in our in our PCQI Animal feed Training and meet with our business advisors today for guidance on manufacturing!

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