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New study finds 18:1 return on Manufacturing Extension Partnership program

by Manufacture Nevada

New study finds 18:1 return on Manufacturing Extension Partnership program

A study published in March of this year by Summit Consulting and the Upjohn Institute finds that the federal investment of $158 million into MEP Centers yields a return to the Treasury of about $2.9billion, for a return on investment of 18.1:1.

It was further found that total employment in the U.S. was nearly 270,000 higher because of MEP Center projects.

The study also examined areas of economic impact not previously reported by the MEP Program which found that the combined efforts of MEP centers around the country added over $55.4 billion in output with personal income being $19.9 billion higher and GDP being $29.9 billion larger, translating to an increase of $2.9 billion in personal income tax revenue to the federal government.

Manufacture Nevada is proud to represent the MEP National Network in Nevada.

Check out the report here!

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