Rhea Gustafson and Mary Arbutina appointed Senior Business Advisors

Manufacture Nevada Senior Business Advisors excited to grow Nevada's economy through manufacturing

by Manufacture Nevada

Mary Arbutina and Rhea Gustafson have been appointed Senior Business Advisors of Manufacture Nevada

Mary Arbutina and Rhea Gustafson have been appointed Senior Business Advisors of Manufacture Nevada. With a background that includes industry experience and various leadership roles, they intend to use this background to contribute to Manufacture Nevada's mission "to deliver comprehensive, proven solutions, fueling growth and advancing Nevada industry."

"I'm encouraged to see Manufacture Nevada’s program adding the next level of responsibility for Business Advisors, Senior Business Advisors. This new role allows us to guide our teams to a common goal of serving Nevada Manufacturers in a more cohesive and direct approach to better meet our client’s needs. With improved consistency, we can efficiently meet the current and future needs of our manufacturers like smart manufacturing, food manufacturing, and cybersecurity. I'm honored to have the opportunity to provide laser focus on Nevada Manufacturers and to increase our team with two more Business Advisors here in northern Nevada," said Gustafson.

Manufacture Nevada serves as a resource for small and medium-sized companies in Nevada, providing services to businesses in some of the state’s most prominent industries, such as manufacturing, mining and construction. NVIE is the official representative of the MEP National Network TM in Nevada. The MEP National Network is a unique public-private partnership that delivers comprehensive, proven solutions to U.S. manufacturers, fueling growth and advancing U.S. manufacturing.

"I'm excited to continue my work at Manufacture Nevada. I want to reach out to my clients and partners to grow the manufacturing ecosystem in Southern Nevada. I'm ready to begin new challenges and exceed the needs of current Nevada manufacturers," said Arbutina.

Manufacture Nevada is the go-to-resource for all things manufacturing, and the mission is to deliver comprehensive, proven solutions, fueling growth and advancing Nevada Industry.

"Mary's and Rhea's experience with Manufacture Nevada will serve as a tremendous asset as we look to the future of Nevada manufacturing. These new positions will help provide the organizational structure to move Manufacture Nevada into the next phase of growth in serving Nevada manufacturers," stated Tom Simpkins, Director.

Manufacture Nevada is working towards growth for the company as well as the industry, having these two in leadership roles is a step in the right direction and will be a tremendous gain for company goals.

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