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Nevada Industry Excellence is now Manufacture Nevada

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Nevada Industry Excellence Rebrands as Manufacture Nevada

“The word Manufacture speaks directly to the audience we are serving while Nevada makes it clear the University is positioned as the leading supporter of innovation and growth in the manufacturing community of the state. The name change will allow us to more directly serve this growing and strategically important sector to Nevada’s economic future." Tom Simpkins, director of Manufacture Nevada.

Why did we decide to rebrand? We had reached a point where we needed to synchronize our name and brand with who we are-champions for Nevada Manufacturers. The forefront of our focus is now on our vision of establishing a thriving and interconnected manufacturing industry. We look forward to continuing working on our current relationships with partners and creating new ones while empowering manufacturers with strategic solutions.

Formerly known as Nevada Industry Excellence, we connect manufacturers across Nevada and the U.S. by forging partnerships with the right businesses, organizations and resources. Our mission is to help Nevada's manufacturers navigate their path to success by empowering manufacturers with strategic solutions. We believe in manufacturing and the value it brings to businesses, employees, Nevada communities, and America.

Our success is only measured by your success. We're ready to roll up our sleeves, help you navigate challenges and find the next opportunity. Contact our team today to get started!

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