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Quality Corrections & Inspections (QCI): The Superheroes of Manufacturing

by Manufacture Nevada

In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, where challenges and disruptions are par for the course, having a reliable partner can make all the difference. Enter Quality Corrections & Inspections (QCI), a family-owned business that has emerged as the unsung superhero of manufacturing. Having a storied legacy that traces back to the early 1980s, QCI has not merely navigated the challenges of the industry but has also evolved into a focal point of innovation and skillful problem-solving.

From Footwear Manufacturer to Industry Savior

QCI's journey began as a footwear manufacturer on the East Coast in the early 1980s. As the footwear industry shifted towards importing products from overseas, they encountered a common issue – shipments arriving in need of rework due to production errors or defects. Recognizing the widespread nature of this problem, QCI transformed these evolving challenges into an opportunity.

In 1986, Quality Corrections & Inspections was founded, marking the inception of a business dedicated to product rework. They transitioned from being a production footwear manufacturer to specializing in fixing other manufacturers' products, mitigating disruptions, and ensuring the seamless flow of supply chains.

Diversification and Flexibility

What sets QCI apart is its commitment to creative problem-solving. Every project is treated as unique, and their adaptability shines through. The company expanded its services beyond footwear, investing in production equipment and honing management skills to offer flexible solutions across various industries. This flexibility not only supports manufacturers but also addresses logistical challenges with ease.

QCI prides itself on being creative problem solvers, taking on any challenge presented by manufacturers. Their mantra is simple: the only service they don't provide is one they haven't yet been challenged with. Manufacturers save both time and money by partnering with QCI for quality corrections, inspections, and contract manufacturing projects.  

Comprehensive Services for Varied Needs

Quality Corrections & Inspections is a well-established supply chain services partner that excels in product rework, contract manufacturing, and assembly services. With almost four decades of experience, they have built a solid reputation for getting the job done. QCI's operations are equipped with the talent, equipment, and know-how to help companies with production overloads, special projects, or quick-turnaround needs.

Some of the representative services offered by QCI include:

- Packaging/Repackaging

- Contract Assembly/Manufacturing

- Collating, Kitting, and Folding

- Re-Palletizing Services

- Labeling, Relabeling, Ticketing

- Value-Added Services

- 100% Inspection/Sorting

- Full Sewing Department

- Function Testing

- Soldering

- High Volume Laundering- Product Repair, Cleaning, and Remediation

- Point-of-Purchase (POP) Assembly/Pack-out/Display Builds

Connecting with Our Advisors

Quality Corrections & Inspections invites you to explore opportunities, allowing you to focus on critical functions while we address assembly, kitting, packaging, and specialty production needs, ensuring effective and efficient production to meet market demands and objectives. Connect with advisors at Manufacture Nevada to unlock transformative partnerships and business solutions, elevating your manufacturing business to new heights.

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