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University of Nevada, Reno Designated as a Tech Hub

by Manufacture Nevada

Nevada's Emergence as a Leading Tech Hub for Lithium Battery Innovation

In an exciting development for the state of Nevada, President Joe Biden and Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo recently unveiled a groundbreaking initiative to promote technological innovation nationwide. They announced the creation of 31 "Tech Hubs" strategically positioned across the United States, and the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) has been chosen as the home to one of these pivotal hubs.

UNR's Pioneering Role in the Lithium Battery Lifecycle

The Nevada Lithium Batteries and Other Electric Vehicle Material Loop, spearheaded by UNR, is set to play a key role in fostering a globally competitive lithium lifecycle operation. This operation will encompass every facet of the lithium battery industry, from extraction to manufacturing and recycling, with a primary focus on the critical components used in electric vehicles.

President Biden's designation of UNR as a Tech Hub brings with it a plethora of benefits, including increased funding opportunities and access to valuable resources. Moreover, it establishes a dynamic public-private partnership with entities throughout Nevada. These hubs will serve as collaborative spaces where private industry, state and local governments, higher education institutions, and other stakeholders unite to compete for grants of up to $75 million, as outlined by the White House.

A Collaborative Approach: Public-Private Partnerships in Nevada

The Tech Hubs program, instituted through the CHIPS and Science Act signed into law in 2022, is dedicated to advancing industries such as semiconductors, biotechnology, critical minerals, and artificial intelligence. This program aligns seamlessly with President Biden's "Bidenomics" agenda, aimed at bolstering the American economy, creating jobs, and fostering domestic manufacturing.

The selection of UNR as a Tech Hub has been met with enthusiastic support from Nevada's Democratic Senators, Jacky Rosen and Catherine Cortez Masto. They see this designation as a testament to Nevada's abundant assets, resources, and capacity to become a global leader in the lithium battery and electric vehicle industry.

Nevada's Rich Mining Heritage and Its Clean Energy Future

"Northern Nevada is uniquely positioned to help power our nation's clean energy future through battery and electric vehicle innovation," Senator Rosen noted in a statement. With its rich history in mining and the presence of several lithium mines, including the newly approved Thacker Pass mine, Nevada is poised for a significant role in the clean energy transition.

Governor Joe Lombardo echoed this sentiment, underscoring the vital role the Tech Hub at UNR and its partnerships will play in fortifying Nevada's economy and cultivating the next generation of the state's workforce. The program effectively establishes Northern Nevada as a national leader in the development of lithium battery and electric vehicle technology.

UNR's Commitment to Workforce Development

Brian Sandoval, President of the University of Nevada, Reno, expressed pride in the university's commitment to workforce development, emphasizing the importance of strengthening economic bonds across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Nevada's ascent as a technological powerhouse is on the horizon, and it promises to reshape the future of American innovation.

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