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UNLV College of Engineering StepUp and StartUp Internship Program

by Manufacture Nevada

UNLV College of Engineering StepUp and StartUp Internship Program

StepUp & StartUp Internship Program (SUSU IP) is a new internship program designed to support our College of Engineering Students and Nevadas local startup companies. The College of Engineering will be providing the salary for the students that register and obtain an internship so space is limited.   To learn more click on the boxes below.

Engage with Engineering:

Learn more about the internship program ->

Employer Benefits:

  • College of Engineering pays for the intern.
  • Close the skill gap & foster leadership skills.
  • Find Future employees while supporting your workforce.
  • Recruiting from the most diverse university in the nation.
  • College of Engineering Internship Coordinator to support you through your internship.

What makes my company eligible for this program?

  • Must be a Technology company that can provide a meaningful internship to a UNLV sophomore, junior, or senior, currently registered in UNLV’s College Of Engineering.
  • The internship must be in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering or be approved by the College of Engineering Internship Coordinator.
  • Meet with the College of Engineering Internship Coordinator for a consultation meeting. The coordinator will contact you within 24 to 48 hours of registering to schedule a time for consultation.
  • All opportunities approved by the Internship Coordinator will be paid. The College of Engineering will pay for the student to intern at your company.

Register at any time you have decided that an internship program is right for your startup. Since this is a paid internship program it is not bound by semester guidelines. However, UNLV tries to stay as close as possible to our semester start and end dates. UNLV will enroll students and employers in the program and will provide recommendations to employers based on the information students provide. However, employers interview and select those students that are also interested in your internship opportunity.

Register your business for the Internship Program ->

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