Stacy Rutherford

Internal Operations Manager

Hello, I’m Stacy and I’ve been working with Manufacture Nevada for over 10 years, focusing on operations and project management.

Throughout my career, I've delved into various facets, including visual business operations and value stream mapping, leadership and management, audit and compliance practices, employee development, and operational analysis.

I enjoy working with the team here at Manufacture Nevada to maximize our potential and gain the clarity and confidence to help our manufacturers fulfill their purpose. Beyond my professional life, you might find me exploring the outdoors, hanging out with my family, or diving into a book.

Here at Manufacture Nevada we're ready to support you in your manufacturing business endeavors and look forward to helping you succeed and grow. Reach out to one of our business advisors today to see how our team can be of value to you at any stage of your operations. I'm so glad you're here.

BS in Human Development, University of Nevada, Reno