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FDC Graphic Films, Inc.

5S Generates $10,000 in Savings to Invest in Workplace Organization

With the help of: Manufacture Nevada

The Client

FDC Graphic Films, Inc. is a leading supplier of sign vinyl film, wide-format digital media film, heat transfer vinyl, application tape, and more for the sign and graphics industry. Specializing in pressure-sensitive vinyl since 1988, FDC continues to be an industry benchmark for the most sizes, colors, and finishes available from one source. Offering a range of FDC and branded products from 3M, ASLAN, and RTape, these products are sold exclusively through distribution. FDC employs 9 dedicated employees at their Reno manufacturing and distribution center.

The Situation

FDC’s plant manager, Scott Fibelstad identified ongoing continuous improvement and cost reduction initiatives as impactful opportunities facing his Reno, Nevada, operation. FDC opened the Reno operation in 2016 and Fibelstad wanted to set his operation up for success. In March of 2019, Fibelstad reached out to the local economic development authority for potential consultants in the Reno area that focused on manufacturing facilities. Economic Development of Western Nevada (EDAWN) connected Scott with Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network™, for assistance with his continuous improvement plan.

                               Manufacture Nevada is great to work with and they have been a very good resource for not only our continuous improvement initiatives but also for networking referrals resulting in collaborative problem solving.
— Scott Fibelstad, Warehouse Manager                                

The Solution

Manufacture Nevada proposed 3 different options to deliver the 5S tools. Consultants proposed a customized workshop with a session for each S. Ultimately the team decided that an in-house 5S workshop and implementation for the entire FDC organization would be the best way to start this program. Providing a custom 5S program designed around the Reno operation provided an optimized approach for the facility. Manufacture Nevada designed a very flexible project to allow the least disruption to the operations while providing 5S tools to the entire organization. Fibelstad wanted to ensure that the duration of each workshop would allow safe shutdown of the operation without the risk for service failures. Leadership at FDC headquarters in Indiana was very impressed with the program planned for the Reno operation.

The Results

Manufacture Nevada was able to deliver the customized 5S content to the entire organization with little interruption to the operation. Not only was FDC able to retain a customer as a result of the 5S implementation, the company was able to generate $10,000 in cost savings, achieve better order turnaround time, and a reduction in overtime. By using the 5S tools, FDC organized the work areas by frequency of use rather than by size of the material, adding visual signage for raw material identification and reducing material kitting time by 10%. The cost savings allowed an investment into an ergonomics program that reduced the chance of injury when loading heavy film rolls onto the production machine and allowed FDC to maintain a strong safety record. Manufacture Nevada was able to introduce FDC to a potential new supplier that uses similar tools in the Reno area. This will help when demand exceeds current equipment time and avoid a capital expense to produce the potential surge in business.

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