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Henderson partners with CSN to open advanced manufacturing program

by Manufacture Nevada

Unveiling the Debra March Center: Shaping Nevada's Industry

A few weeks ago, a diverse assembly of educators, business professionals, and government officials convened in Henderson for the grand inauguration of the Debra March Center of Excellence. This cutting-edge facility is exclusively dedicated to advancing the College of Southern Nevada's robust manufacturing training program.

Patty Charlton with Nevada System of Higher Education, NSHE, speaks at the event on August 22nd, 2023

Designed as a versatile space, the center will play a pivotal role in CSN's mission to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in advanced manufacturing.

According to Eduardo Suarez, the head of the CSN department, the most remarkable aspect of this endeavor is that it caters to learners of all levels. Whether students are starting from scratch with no prior experience or seeking to enhance their existing skills, this facility will serve as an inclusive platform where they can receive both foundational and advanced training.

The program's instructors emphasize that it imparts essential skills for the contemporary manufacturing landscape.

The Las Vegas Review Journal shared that according to Instructor Steven Benjamin, students enrolled in the program will gain proficiency in operating machinery that plays a central role in today's manufacturing practices.

Furthermore, numerous attendees at the event highlighted that the influence of advanced manufacturing extends well beyond the confines of Henderson, reflecting its growing prominence on a broader scale. This program not only serves the manufacturing ecosystem in Henderson, but also to the greater Nevada area.

Collaboration is already underway with public schools to introduce the core components of the curriculum aimed at creating a pipeline that will allow students to progress directly from the public school system into the training program. This program and curriculum will effectively prepare incoming students for potential job opportunities in Nevada manufacturing.

It was further noted at the event that the program is designed to cater to low-income adults who have completed high school. The advanced manufacturing training program offers flexibility by allowing for an accelerated certification process, enabling individuals to become job-ready more quickly than with the standard one- or two-year programs.

Our Southern Nevada Business Advisors here at Manufacture Nevada work closely with CSN and can provide you or your business with more information on what this could mean for your future workforce or how to get involved. Get connected with one of our advisors here.

Pictures and content is in part sourced from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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