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MEP National Network’s Supplier Scouting Opportunities

by Manufacture Nevada

The prevailing supply chain conditions have placed notable challenges upon small and medium-sized manufacturers. Our manufacturers here in Nevada are no exception. In response to the growing challenges in maintaining smooth operations, there has emerged a significant and widespread demand to identify domestic manufacturing suppliers capable of fulfilling existing requirements.

As an MEP affiliate, we find value in highlighting the versatility of the MEP National Network's supplier scouting service, which can be effectively deployed at the national, regional, or local levels. The MEP National Network has leveraged extensive relationships and knowledge of U.S. manufacturing capabilities to pinpoint manufacturers equipped with advanced production and technical skills and connect them with larger and more diverse supply chains of larger companies and government agencies.

There are currently 25 open supplier scouting opportunities for U.S. manufacturers seeking domestic suppliers for various items.

Check out the MEP National Network Open Supplier Scouting openings here.

For additional information or questions about these opportunities, contact one of our business advisors today.

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