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Alpha Productions Technologies Inc.

Alpha Productions Technologies Inc.

Alpha Productions Technologies Secures New Business Through ISOCertification

The Client

Alpha Productions Technologies, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that manufacturescustom cable & wire harness assemblies, as well as small-part sub-assemblies. In addition, they are certified as a Community Training Center by the State of Nevada providing training and employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Alpha Production Technologies’ facility covers 12,000 square feet with enough work area for over 70 employees. Their mission is to provide employment, training, and personalized enrichment to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities while providing high quality products and services.

Alpha Production Technologies strives to build a culture of respect, value, and appreciation for all differences, while creating a challenging and rewarding environment. This environment energizes the team in knowing that what they do makes a positive difference in the lives of clients and the community at large.

The Situation

Alpha Production Technologies was in the midst of ISO certification. They made itthrough phase 1 with some non-conformances and were scheduled for the phase 2, the audit. Due to travel limitations imposed by COVID-19, their ERP consulting partner was not able to travel to assist with audit preparation. With the phase 2 audit looming near on the calendar, Alpha called Manufacture Nevada for support.  Manufacture Nevada brought in their QMS expert and quickly came up to speed on the situation.

The Solution

Manufacture Nevada came in and helped Alpha in completing the corrective actions for the minor nonconformances received from the initial phase 1 audit of their newly implemented ISO 9001:2015. They formalized the management review process, provided risk management tools and performed an internal audit. Additionally, Manufacture Nevada trained Alpha's staff members on effective techniques for performing future internal audits. Thisprepared Alpha for the upcoming phase 2 audit.

The Results

Alpha passed the ISO audit with no non-conformances in phase 2. In addition, theyimplemented a quality management system that works for their organization and staff. One of the reasons they sought ISO certification was to be able to retain and accept more business from existing customers. After certification, business with one of their key customers increased by 25%. This was due to the customer being able to grant projects that previously would only have gone to ISO certified contractors. In addition, implementation of the ISO process and QMS system made their existing technology more useful to the organization. Staff learned to appreciate and rely on their tablets and software and saw them as valuable tools instead of a time-consuming burden.

  • $50,000 in increased or retained sales
  • 25% increase in business from existing key customer
  • 6 created or retained jobs

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