Sugar and Spice: A Sweet Story

The Client

Sweet dreams become a delectable reality at Sugar and Spice, a Las Vegas company created by Sheri Long in 2017. Her passion shines through in each gourmet chocolate peanut butter ball, a gluten-free indulgence enjoyed for its buttery melt and satisfying crunch. These bite-sized delights find happy homes in convenient grab-and-go boxes, readily gracing shelves in coffee shops, independent grocers, wine shops, and even prestigious locales like golf courses, hotels, and casinos.

But Sugar and Space is more than just irresistible treats, as attested in being voted the “Best Chocolatier” in Las Vegas. The company culture and founder embody a spirit of social responsibility and a commitment to the community. Going beyond culinary delights, Sheri collaborates with a Las Vegas autism foundation. By teaching food manufacturing skills to young adults with special needs, Sugar and Spice is a platform for empowerment and inclusion. Sheri also employs youth aging out of foster care. Recognizing the challenges they face upon reaching adulthood, she assists them through employment and mentorship equipping them with essential life skills to navigate their newfound independence.

The Challenge: A Chance Encounter Sparks Growth

It all began on a sunny Sunday, a fortuitous meeting at a wine shop where Sheri, armed with delicious samples, crossed paths with a Manufacture Nevada team member. Impressed by both Sheri's infectious enthusiasm and her savory products, the team member introduced Manufacture Nevada's mission: supporting local businesses like Sugar and Spice. A quick sampling later, a tour of the Sugar and Spice facility was on the books. There, Manufacture Nevada advisors delved into Sheri's operation and learned more about her vision - sustainable growth.

The Solution: Empowering through Partnership

Leveraging a vast network of resources, Manufacture Nevada became Sugar and Spice's secret weapon. Sheri gained access to co-manufacturers, transportation solutions, and automated equipment vendors.  Beyond connections, Manufacture Nevada advisors shared their practical wisdom, offering invaluable guidance on everything from Whole Foods and Target applications to FDA regulations, e-commerce platforms, and even packaging design. This collaborative approach embodies Manufacture Nevada's unwavering commitment to empowering businesses like Sugar and Spice for remarkable success.

The Results: A Recipe for Success

Sweet rewards were the icing on the cake for Sugar and Spice's successful partnership. New business blossomed, and market awareness soared. Distribution outlets jumped an impressive 30% in a short period.

To fuel her business's growth, Sheri strategically expanded her workforce and optimized operations for efficiency. Through a collaborative development program, she championed inclusivity by supporting 50% more individuals with special needs and 100% more foster youth. New equipment added another layer of sweetness, boosting production by 70%, and packaging changes decreased costs by 68%.

But the cherry on top? Sugar and Spice can now proudly claim the title of approved local supplier for the Super Bowl, one of the world's most-watched events. This is just the beginning of a delicious journey paved with unwavering dedication and invaluable support. Sugar and Spice is poised for continued growth, leaving everyone eager for the next bite.

A Story of Transformation

"Sugar and Spice's journey has been truly transformative and Manufacture Nevada has been a cornerstone of our success. Their strategic guidance not only helped me navigate the complexities of FDA regulations but also propelled our growth beyond my wildest dreams. The ongoing mentorship has been priceless, knowing I have a support system at Manufacture Nevada gives me immense confidence for the future. " — Sheri Long, Founder and CEO

Sugar and Spice is a testament to the power of passion, community, and a little bit of strategic sweetness. This inspiring story is just beginning, a journey paved with delicious treats, unwavering support, and the undeniable promise of even greater success to come.

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