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Bureau Veritas Minerals

Bureau Veritas Minerals Reduced Turn-Around Time through 5S

“In late 2014, I made contact with Manufacture Nevada. Our Manufacture Nevada site project manager worked with myself and my lab manager to develop a 5s implementation approach that would suit the needs of our laboratory. Decisions were made on timing, how much time, how many employees to affect and how to spread the delivery while minimizing the impact on our production requirements. She brought to the table her knowledge and experience in program plan development and she provided us choices in selecting the presentation consultants that would provide the training on 5s to our organization. I would give this effort a 5-star rating. Working with Manufacture Nevada was certainly a key success factor for our 5s implementation.

In early 2015, we selected to use CEO consultants, Ileana and Ari. This team presented our lab with 5 training sessions. We were able to combine a couple of topics in one session. The sessions were premised upon class information followed by specific plan development (by our employees) and “on the ground” application of the learning to our site. Sessions were: Scan, Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. Presentations were married up with specific printed handouts with good source material. Ileana worked closely with me to provide input in advance of each training session to ensure we had relevant data in the handouts specific to our business.

The third party expert was not only a great instructor but a great task master keeping us all together and focused on getting results in each of our departments. They were very helpful in the presentations and sessions to assist the various departments during class tasks and while in the actual departments doing the application processes.

I would not hesitate to recommend Manufacture Nevada to help with any future business development planning/education & training and to use their numerous resources available.”

– Eric Dominguez, HSE and Quality Manager

The Client

Bureau Veritas Minerals (formerly Inspectorate America) provides independent inspection, sampling and testing services. Their network of laboratories, strategically located in key trading locations around the world, provides testing services to both internationally recognized standards and customer-specific methodologies. Their Sparks, Nevada laboratory services the mining industry providing analytical results from sample preparation, geochemical analysis, and fire assay services.

The Situation

With market competitiveness increasing, and the demand for quality products with a reduced turn-around time, Bureau Veritas Minerals decided to create a continuous improvement culture through workplace organization in the hopes that this would provide them with the necessary competitive edge for doing business with new clients while maintaining existing ones. As such, Bureau Veritas Minerals contacted Manufacture Nevada with interest in a 5S workshop. After further discussion it was realized a customized project was the best fit for their desired outcome of supporting their quality management system, customer satisfaction and demand through workplace organization.

The Solution

Manufacture Nevada worked with Bureau Veritas Minerals (BVM) to determine the appropriate approach and resources for 5S implementation. A GAP analysis was performed to determine the scope of the project, after which, Manufacture Nevada presented multiple resources that could assist BVM. Bureau Veritas Minerals chose Creating Effective Organizations, Inc. (CEO) to be part of their team. CEO facilitated 5S workshops for all employees, participated in weekly GEMBA walks and led impact and opportunity review sessions. Cross functional teams received classroom training followed by practical application of each 5S principle. This approach allowed Bureau Veritas Minerals to interact with a hands-on mentor to guide them through the culture change and successful implementation of a 5S system with the ultimate goal of reducing turn-around time and improving process efficiency while maintaining quality.

The Results

As a result, Bureau Veritas Minerals is better positioned in their market. They have a visually organized workplace resulting in increase in productivity, a decrease in rework, and ultimately an improved turn-around time to customers. After the 5S implementation, a client toured their facility and was impressed with their visual organization and cleanliness of the operation; they were confident in their attention to detail and felt extremely comfortable with Bureau Veritas Minerals supporting their business needs. Bureau Veritas Minerals had a greater than 100% return on their $8,500 investment within the first six months of the 5S implementation. As a result of 5S implementation, BVM is better positioned to take their competitiveness to the next level and, with the support of Manufacture Nevada, will look to incorporate other lean manufacturing principles into their growth strategy as they continue to build a culture of continuous improvement.

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