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Chemeon Surface Technology, LLC,

Manufacture Nevada Provides Chemeon Surface Technology, LLC, Minden, NV with Expert Resources and Grant Program to upgrade equipment, improve and reduce current and future energy costs.

With the help of: Manufacture Nevada

The Client

Chemeon Surface Technology* is a business-to-business provider offering metal surface engineering solutions to its global customers. With its headquarters and technical center located in Minden, Nevada (40 miles south of Reno), the location currently employs a current staff of 9 employees, focusing mainly on R&D sales, and anodizing training to industry.

The Situation

In 2017, Chemeon had been operating in their existing office and lab services space for 20 years with a desire to expand their services and office space and add on another unit of the building they were in, they determined a need was in order to improve or replace the lighting systems and the aging HVAC system with more reliable, modern and cost efficient equipment as consistent and reliable air flow and exchange is important to their lab and business processes.

"Working with Manufacture Nevada opened our eyes to sources of technical, energy savings and available financial assistance that allowed us to move forward with important investments for our future. Their knowledge of industry, manufactures needs, and the right resources connected us speedily with the right programs, a qualified energy auditor and supportive USDA personnel."
— Mr. Dean Meiling, Chemeon Executive Vice President and CFO

The Solution

Chemeon had earlier been identified by Manufacture Nevada,  part of the MEP National Network™, as a potential candidate with energy improvement needs from client outreach conducted as an application requirement for an available USDA energy grant Manufacture Nevada applied for and was awarded. The Rural Energy for American Program (REAP) is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and benefits those companies in USDA rural designated locations (most of Nevada) and defined as small companies (fewer than 500 employees).

Chemeon was contacted again by Manufacture Nevada’s Northern Nevada Project Manager, Martin Potnick following Manufacture Nevada’s grant award in order to reconfirm Chemeon’s growth and improvement plans. Chemeon chose to begin with the energy savings audit to benefit from Manufacture Nevada’s REAP grant. The audit is also a qualifier for additional energy savings grant and loan opportunities. Manufacture Nevada then introduced Chemeon to an authorized specialist to perform an energy audit to clarify the cost savings potential of the project and to recommend new equipment and contractors.

The Results

With the energy audit and next step grant application in hand, Chemeon decided to tackle the energy efficiency investments in two stages. The first project involved upgrading to LED lighting throughout its facility to reduce lighting energy costs by approximately one-third in addition to reducing related maintenance costs. The investment was about $11,000 and it qualified for a USDA grant of 25% of the cost.

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