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Continuum Packing Solutions, LLC

Manufacture Nevada’s resources and depth of industry knowledge provide needed and timely Certifications to maintain on time scheduling, production, and major new customer of Manufacture Nevada client.

The Client

Continuum Packing Solutions, located in Minden, NV, has an employee staff of approximately 45 employees and is an innovative liquid products manufacturer providing their partners with the full spectrum of state-of-the-art filling technology and equipment. From aseptic carton and bag in box to flexible pouch, their manufacturing facilities have the solutions needed to fill a wide array of products in the format which best suits their partner’s project needs.

Continuum offers comprehensive blending options and aseptic processing to meet the highest standards demanded by today’s food and beverage industry.

They receive raw products in a variety of containers ranging from tankers to totes to drums. Their wide gap plate and tubular aseptic processing utilizes flash pasteurization to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety without the need for refrigeration or preservatives. With both aseptic surge tanks and special food particulate technology, Continuum is a leading solution operation for all aseptic, shelf-stable packaging.

The Situation

Continuum’s headquarter operation, located in the Midwest area, had been working diligently with a new client in late winter of 2015 to produce a new beverage concept idea.  They were gauged for a production run to test the product, establish the western facility in Minden as a qualified facility, and provide needed inventory at a certain required date to meet the marketing demands and project timeline of the new client. The beginning volume run planned at the time, though relatively small, (less than 10,000 cases) relative to future production potential (more than 100’s of thousands of cases) was a key aspect to the new product introduction timing and would help pose the product precisely for great success for the customer and Continuum if all supply chain arrangements were kept on the timeline originally designed.

Throughout the company’s production planning, sales and marketing efforts, what became a bit of concern to Continuum was that the product contained an alcohol level that they felt required a need to secure the correct documents from local jurisdiction to run and produce such a product line. Continuum reached out to local regulators who indicated it would be six months at best for the paperwork and approvals to be completed and documents processed.

Continuum determined a sense of urgency was at hand to meet the needs of the client.

The Solution

Manufacture Nevada addressed the needs of both the client and their customer and through their understanding and knowledge of the processes for this particular licensing in the local region and the proper steps needed for approval they were able to expedite the paperwork, and essentially hand walk the process to its completion and issuance of the required documents.

While delivering and conducting follow ups on the documents with local regulators, Manufacture Nevada also presented the importance of the project to the decision makers. Essentially, how important this project was to a local company’s business, how it would prevent a negative financial impact, prevent a project shutdown, prevent a potential loss of a client, and prevention of a loss of already acquired inventory. Once the local regulators had a much clearer picture of the potential negatives and impact, paperwork approvals and documents were expedited and issued on time in order for Continuum to make their client runs as originally scheduled.

The Results

Prevention of delays, prevention of having corporate travel to the west coast to continually follow up on the local document process, and not having to have local management attend to the usual slow approval process would have cost Continuum thousands of dollars let alone the possibility of losing a potential major volume new client.

Savings in maintaining the schedule with the client, running the test production volumes and the eventual awarding of major business volumes by this beverage client prevented a loss to Continuum and an eventual securing of new business. As the months have progressed to current times now of latter 2016, sales have approached upwards of six figure sales dollar volumes, saved the company tens of thousands of dollars of downtime and wasted inventory and growth continues with this client.

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