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Emhiser Research

Custom Project Enhances Quality, Sharpens Competitive Edge

"Emhiser Research is positioned to take their competitiveness to the next level, and, with the support of Manufacture Nevada, will transition to the aerospace standard of AS 9100 in the coming year."
Larry Bevilacqua, Director Emhiser Research

The Client

Emhiser Research designs and manufactures a complete line of airborne and ground-based telemetry equipment. The company’s research, development, and production facility is located in Verdi, Nevada, just west of Reno. With close to 20 employees, Emhiser Research supplies telemetry equipment to all branches of the military, Department of Defense contractors, and various space agencies with mission critical products on both a prime and sub-prime basis. The facility is configured for total program management, from the design and prototype stages through full production.  

The Situation

With market competitiveness increasing and customer mergers and acquisitions on the rise, Emhiser Research decided to pursue ISO 9001 recertification to maintain its competitive edge. The benefits of having a certified quality management system would pave the way for doing business with new clients, while maintaining existing clients. Initially, Emhiser Research contacted Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network, to learn more about the organization’s Internal Auditor workshop. After further discussion, Emhiser Research decided to participate in a customized project with Manufacture Nevada to achieve their desired outcome of ISO 9001 recertification.  

The Solution

Manufacturing extension agents from Manufacture Nevada worked with Emhiser Research to guide the company through the ISO 9001 recertification process. First, they performed an initial gap analysis to determine the scope of the project. Next, Manufacture Nevada developed a plan to fit with the culture and needs of the company that included participating in monthly quality audits, facilitating corrective actions, and partaking in management review sessions. This approach provided Emhiser with a hands-on mentor to ensure the successful implementation of a quality management system with less risk and greater efficiency.

With Manufacture Nevada's assistance, Emhiser Research achieved ISO 9001 recertification in 2015 and has maintained it each year since. The certification positioned the company to both retain sales and add new business. With this growth, Emhiser reinvested in the business, further increasing productivity and efficiency. As a next step, the company is working with Manufacture Nevada to obtain to the aerospace standard of AS 9100.  

The Results

  • $8,000,000 in increased and/or retained sales
  • $6,000,000 in new markets

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