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Orbus Exhibit and Display

Orbus Exhibit and Display Improves with Lean

"Manufacture Nevada's training and expertise in lean manufacturing proved invaluable in assisting Orbus Exhibits with establishing a lean system and culture throughout our organization."                                        
Aaron Kozar, VP and General Manager Orbus Exhibit and Display

The Client

Orbus Exhibit and Display develops and manufactures displays and exhibits for trade shows and other marketing needs. They have 35 employees in Nevada.

The Situation

Orbus Exhibit and Display was looking to improve their operations and follow their corporate headquarters’ lead by implementing Lean Manufacturing. They needed to bring in someone with the expertise to assist them in establishing a lean system and culture.

The Solution

Manufacture Nevada met with Orbus Exhibit and Display to discuss their needs. Their headquarters in Illinois had started their lean venture and the Nevada operation needed assistance with implementing the same lean concepts.  Manufacture Nevada started with an assessment of the Nevada manufacturing operations and an analysis of the lean processes the Illinois plant had put in place.  Manufacture Nevada provided lean training to key supervisors and then coached their implementation of Value Stream Mapping and 5S. Manufacture Nevada worked with Orbus’ schedule and implemented lean in short sessions over several months with very minimal disruption to Orbus’ schedule.

The Results

After Lean Manufacturing training and coaching provided by Manufacture Nevada, Orbus Exhibit and Display was able to establish a continuous improvement culture and system. They have realized savings of over $30,000.

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