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Orbus Exhibit & Display

Orbus: Exhibiting Actions to Protect the Environment

With the help of: Manufacture Nevada


Orbus Exhibit & Display Group® designs and manufactures various displays used in exhibits and events. Brands within the group include The Exhibitors' Handbook®, The Promo Handbook™, Nimlok®, SignPro Systems®, and Fabric Images®. Orbus started twenty-two years ago and has grown to over 300 professionals who create and build innovative displays at its Las Vegas, Nevada, and Woodridge, Illinois facilities. The ingenuity, craftsmanship, and dedication of its professionals and state-of-the-art equipment enable Orbus to provide superior product quality, a wide range of product choices, expedited product deliveries, and unrivaled product service.

The Challenge

Orbus aims to be conscious of its environmental impact and strives to protect local air, land, and waterways with the proper recycling and disposal of materials. The organization looked to Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network™, to review its current environmental management system and suggest any areas for improvement.

"Recognizing that the world’s natural resources are limited and fragile, Orbus considers environmental protection to be consistent with its overall goals and values. At Orbus, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment in the design, manufacture, and storage of trade show displays and accessories. Every Orbus employee is committed to implementing this policy in his or her daily activities." — Jim Concannon, Operations Manager


Manufacture Nevada conducted an objective and impartial audit based on ISO 14001 compliance requirements for managing environmental responsibilities at the North Las Vegas site. The audit proceeded in 4 steps. Step 1 discussed the purpose, scope and methods with Orbus stakeholders. Step 2 evaluated processes and interviewed personnel to determine ISO14001 compliance. Step 3 documented results, observations and suggestions. Finally, step 4 reviewed findings with the client and answered questions.

Orbus has been registered to ISO 14001 since 2010 and, with the help of Manufacture Nevada, Orbus North Las Vegas continues to reduce its carbon footprint to ensure a greener future. Fabrics, paper, aluminum, cardboard, steel, electronics, plastics, inks and cleaning agents used to manufacture displays are safely stored, efficiently used, thoughtfully recycled, and correctly discarded. In addition to protecting the environment, Orbus also has increased its productivity, lowered its costs, strengthened its community relations, and enhanced its competitiveness.

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