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Manufacture Nevada Propels the Public Restroom Company into the Next Phase of Business Growth

"Manufacture Nevada has consistently responded to our manufacturing, process improvement and employee development requests. Manufacture Nevada’s portfolio of services and experienced resources have been a fit to our needs in supporting and improving, both our current and future growth demands." — Katie Sherin, COO


For over 40 years Public Restroom Company (PRC), headquartered in Minden, Nevada, has been designing, building, and installing prefabricated public restrooms and other park buildings packaged with a simple turnkey process. PRC is family-owned and managed by the sibling team of Mr. Chad Kaufman, President, and Ms. Katie Kaufman-Sherin, COO, along with Vice President Fabian Nunez. With their 65 employees they have built one of the largest modular design libraries with plans for public restrooms, showers, storage, concession stands, scorekeeper booths, laundry rooms, maintenance rooms, and so much more. They are driven to design and build architecturally pleasing, safe, clean, odor-free, vandal-resistant and long-lasting outdoor multifunctional public restrooms.

The Challenge:

At the Public Restroom Company, they never stop thinking about better ways to design, build, and deliver their product. With significant growth realized and an even larger demand on the horizon, they knew they needed to apply their improvement mindset to all aspects of their business—including operational efficiencies and employee development—to successfully take their business to new levels. With a commitment to building better places to go, PRC requested the services of Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network™, to turn their vision into reality.


Manufacture Nevada constructed a strategically phased project that included a capacity planning consultation, an assessment of research & development activities, the implementation of a continuous improvement and lean education strategy, along with a supervisor and leadership development program. With an eye on sustainment and growth, Manufacture Nevada focused on culture and knowledge transfer during each phase.

As a result, Public Restroom Company realized an initial research & development cost savings of $60,000. An additional $100,000 savings was attributed to PRC’s improvements to their design process through value stream mapping and the application of lean principles. Furthermore, Manufacture Nevada's assessments and consultations provided PRC with a recruitment plan that puts the right people in the right place to successfully support the 38% increase in sales. With some success under their belt, PRC committed to continue on the lean transformation path and to further invest in the expansion of their company through their people.

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