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"With the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 our team has established principles and documented policies that are followed daily. We are so pleased when new prospective customers come to visit. They share positive feedback concerning our traveler system; specifically, the way the product is documented through the line and how the details are specified for easy reference. Most of all, the customer has next-level confidence in how clean and organized our facility is and how smooth our process is to achieve the work. These comments allow us to stand tall and confident that we do what we say and say what we do. All because our ISO standards are muscle memory and are always in practice. It is a wonderful feeling to be proud to stay within professional integrity."

— Justin Cagle, Director of Reno Cerakote Operations

Established in January 2015, Reno Cerakote is one of the nation’s top certified Cerakote applicator, providing protective coatings and beautiful artwork to a wide array of products like firearms, sunglasses, aerospace, electronics, and many more. Cerakote applications come in over 200 unique colors and can be applied to all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, composites and many other substrates. They have over 50 employees and three robots working to obtain the highest level of consistent throughput. This machinery, combined with highly trained applicators, allows them to create intricate design work accommodating large manufacturer demands.

Reno Cerakote Expands Their Customer Base with ISO 9001 Certification

Reno Cerakote wanted to reinforce their commitment to quality while expanding to new markets and investing in personnel development. Reno Cerakote approached Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network™, for assistance with achieving ISO 9001-2015 due to Manufacture Nevada’s extremely good track record for successfully transitioning Nevada manufacturers to ISO certification.

Manufacture Nevada committed to getting Reno Cerakote through a successful ISO 9001-2015 certification audit in a very short period of time and on budget with a robust sustainment plan. Manufacture Nevada’s QMS consultant used process planning to organize all the required elements for Reno Cerakote. Emphasis was placed on controlling risk, and tools were provided for ongoing management of their quality system. Since controlling costs was very important to Reno Cerakote, internal assets were trained to write procedures and policies for their quality management plan. Reno Cerakote utilized one of Manufacture Nevada's recommended local registrars in order to save money on travel costs for the certification audit.

The successful implementation of the initial ISO certification was completed in June 2019 just 4 months after the project began. Reno Cerakote continued to engage with Manufacture Nevada post-certification to ensure they stay on track for annual surveillance audits and for mentoring quality personnel. With the inception of ISO, policies and procedures were created that hold personnel to an accountability standard that their customers appreciate and expect

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The goal of this project was to reduce operational downtime related to processing pumps. This involved creating a game plan based on the principles of lean. Another finding, as this process evolved, was the need for mandatory log out tag out sheets and checklists to quickly identify the causes of the pump failures. Furthermore, we determined the need to perform root cause analysis on each pump failure and target preventative maintenance accordingly.

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