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Vegas Metal Finishing

"Manufacture Nevada provides ongoing support in growth, understanding the local market and enthusiastic teamwork. — Jessica Famiglietti Young, Owner

Putting a shine on Vegas Metal Finishing! - Fueling sales and growth through the promotion of a new state of the art anodizing facility in Southern Nevada.

Vegas Metal Finishing was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the goal of providing higher-quality, durable finishing services for the firearms industry. The anodizing facility opened in 2020 with new equipment and a fully closed-loop recycling system that reuses all of their rinse waters through a DI water treatment system feeding back into their tanks. As the demand grew for professional anodizing across industries, so did their capabilities. Today, Vegas Metal Finishing is the only federal firearm licensed (FFL) facility in the area, and offers type 2 and type 3 anodizing services for industrial and commercial applications.

Upon opening their new facility, Vegas Metal Finishing realized that they would require assistance to promote their anodizing services especially to other manufactures in the state. Promoting this new business opportunity was complicated by the pandemic. With that in mind, the owner reached out to her trusted partner at Manufacture Nevada, part of the MEP National Network™, for assistance.

Manufacture Nevada provided several avenues for success. First, Manufacture Nevada facilitated the production of a high quality, promotional video for Vegas Metal Finishing’s new anodizing facility using CARES Act funds. Filming took place at Vegas Metal Finishing’s new facility and included a live interview with the owner and the general manager. Vegas Metal Finishing then utilized this high-quality video to promote their services at events and conventions such as the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Manufacture Nevada also promoted VMF’s anodizing service by identifying local manufacturers presently shipping parts out of state for anodizing. Many of the manufacturing firms were very happy to learn that anodizing was now available locally and toured the local shop. As a result, several of these firms have engaged with Vegas Metal Finishing in order to anodize their aluminum parts locally.

As a result, Vegas Metal Finishing experienced the following direct impacts on their business operation. Two new jobs were added to the Nevada economy and Vegas Metal Finishing grew sales by over $10,000 per month. The Nevada economy is enriched with a new process available locally and customers are not wasting time, gas and possible quality problems shipping their parts out of state for processing.

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