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VSR Industries

VSR Industries Works with Manufacture Nevada to Transform Their Manufacturing Process Increase Productivity 33% and Avoid $200,000 in Costs

The manufacturing workplace is a puzzle. Assemble the pieces together correctly and you get supercharged productivity, a synched-up workflow, and consistent quality. Put the puzzle pieces in the wrong places and no matter how hard you work, you will struggle to meet demand, synch up manufacturing processes and meet the demand of your clients.

The Client

VSR Industries, a Henderson-based slot machine base and cabinet manufacturer, shifted their entire shop to move from a departmentalized structure to a cellular structure. Cellular manufacturing, a lean manufacturing process, improves workflow, communication and efficiency by grouping clusters of processes into manufacturing cells.

The Situation

VSR Industries consulted with Manufacture Nevada and created an innovative and versatile press brake setup that eliminated the projected need for two new press brakes, reduced setup time and increased efficiency.

The Solution

Manufacture Nevada's access to the top manufacturing experts allowed them to diagnose the lean manufacturing needs of VSR Industries and work with them to create unique solutions. In a state with limited manufacturing resources, VSR Industries relied on Manufacture Nevada to help them compete in an increasingly globally competitive manufacturing marketplace.

The Results

Productivity increased by 33 percent and the company avoided spending over $200,000 on new press brakes. VSR Industries also saw an 87 percent reduction in work in progress and improved employee morale and teamwork.

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